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Tolomeo Desk Lamp


Tolomeo Desk Lamp

Tolomeo lamps were designed in 1983 by De Lucchi & Fassina.  In an era of excess, Tolomeo stood out for its understated elegance and simplicity.

This high quality unlicensed replica Tolomeo desk lamp has a heavy base and ends with a matte anodized aluminum diffuser that swivels 360 degrees and can be easily turned with a cool to the touch steel handle. In between, the lamp's dual-arm body adjusts by loosening and tightening the central and bottom joints, and steel tension cables provide infinite positions in which the lamp can be held.

The supports are made from polished aluminium and the shade is made from matte anodised aluminium. 

Dimensions: Base diameter 21cm; height at full extension 97cm

This item is packaged to minimise bulk, and may require some simple self-assembly, possibly using a screwdriver. If you have trouble assembling your item, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Size: 21 x 97 cm
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