Timeless Gifts

Timeless Wedding Gifts

Traditionally, wedding gifts are meant to supply the couple with everything they'll need for their new life together. These days more and more couples already co-habiting before marriage, so there is less requirement for toasters and tea towels!

As such, we have seen a return to couples choosing special or rare pieces they would not normally purchase for themselves, something they will cherish for a long time to come and might even become a family heirloom to hand down to their own children as a wedding gift.

At The Wedding Registry, we see the choices couples make every day.  When looking at lifelong wedding gifts, couples focus timeless style and hard waring heirloom pieces such as cookware , cutlery sets, crystal, and dinnerware.

Cutlery – Cutlery has long been a traditional gift choice for parents, grandparents or close relatives to give newlyweds. Good quality cutlery should last a lifetime even with daily use, so couples go for a lasting design.  We recommend that you and your partner spend some time handling your cutlery before choosing.  What looks good on paper might not feel nice in your hands!  Also consider matching serveware including cake and pie servers, ladles and pastry forks. Your wedding registry is a great opportunity to give your dining table a makeover.

Crystal – Crystal is a classic wedding gift; be it a pair of champagne flutes to use on anniversaries to come, or a beautiful decanter that most couples wouldn’t buy for themselves. Traditional favourites often come in cut crystal and have coordinating carafes and tumblers. More modern versions by Riedel include hand or mouth blown pieces in a variety of interesting and practical shapes. Classic brands Waterford and Royal Doulton are also popular.

Cookware – The best quality cookware should last a lifetime.  Stainless steel, copper or enamelled cast iron pieces are made to last.  Look for heavy-bottomed saucepans that distribute heat evenly. Heavy cast iron French ovens retain heat for slow cooking and guarantee a lifetime of perfect curries and casseroles.  Choose pieces that suit your style of cooking; perhaps a wok for stir frying or a big stock pot for winter soups?  Remember, you may not just be cooking for the two of you, so upsize your choices to cater for more people!

Formal Dinnerware – With most couples already owning an every day dinner set, putting together a wedding registry is the perfect time to consider formal dinnerware or a quality everyday set. Platinum and fine bone china are always a popular choice and often listed in place settings and not as a complete set.  Basic white with or without subtle detailing never goes out of style.  However, if you are worried the table lacks colour, try adding some interest with a patterned or contrasting “accent” side plate. Wedgwood, Villeroy & Boch and Royal Doulton remain firm favourites.



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