Wedding Registry Etiquette

Deciding to have a wedding registry is a very personal choice and one most couples deliberate over. Weíve seen hundreds of brides and grooms struggle with the decision but once they begin, couples agree itís the easiest way to organise your wedding gifts!

A wedding registry is the perfect way to ensure gifts will reflect your needs and taste. It also makes shopping a hassle-free experience for your guests. Rather than having to spend hours walking around a store looking for inspiration (and worrying about whether you already have enough platters) a registry provides your guests with a list of options that guarantees they canít go wrong!

Itís natural to feel a bit uncomfortable asking people to buy you things, so The Wedding Registry has some helpful tips on what to keep in mind when putting together your wedding registry.

  • Timing is everything.

The best time to begin putting your registry together is a few weeks before your invites are sent out. This ensures that you are choosing the most up-to-date products, but still giving yourselves time to refine your choices before your guests view them.

  • Personalise it.

Write a welcome message to your guests at the top of your registry thanking them in advance for their gift. Include a photo so they can see your smiling faces and be inspired.

  • Mix it up.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different idea of what to spend on a wedding gift. Include a mixture of high value gifts for close family and friends but be sure to list some smaller value items too. A good guide on the average amount is to think about what you would usually spend on a gift and go from there. (Remember also that high value gifts can be split into smaller shares). Having a good mix of practical and pretty things is also important.

  • Donít be shy!

List more items than you think you need. Rather than appearing greedy your guests will thank you for giving them more choices. We constantly get feedback about how great it is for the last person purchasing to actually have a choice of what to buy rather than having to get the last 2 items on the registry.

  • Take your time.

Donít feel pressured to do it all in a few hours. Whilst your registry consultant can usually get most of it done in a consultation keep in mind that you can go back and refine your registry afterwards. You can add and delete items right up until your wedding, so thereís no pressure to finish it all at once. Just ensure that you have some options listed before your guests hear about your registry. 

  • Spread the word.

Include inserts with your invitation so people can easily find and view your registry. Gone are the days where guests ask the parents or bridal party what you might like. Most people assume if they havenít been told about it, then there is no registry. Remember, you Ďre not telling your guests what to buy - you are simply giving them options. If they donít want to buy from the registry, or their preferred gift is gone, they will buy elsewhere.

  • Say thank you.

Take advantage of our online thank you card manager. You can view who has purchased what for 3 months after your wedding. When you return relaxed from your honeymoon, take the time to send a thank you to your guests.

Now you can sit back and relax! The Sydney Wedding Registry takes the stress out of selecting your gifts so you can concentrate on planning the rest of your big day.

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