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Ikon Juicer


Ikon Juicer

This Australian designed Juicer features a revolutionary second disc for smoothies, allowing it to juice soft fruits like bananas, mangos and strawberries to the finest consistency, for delicious 100% fruit smoothies.

  • The Dual disc design allows you to create super smooth fruit and vegetable juices, while retaining the fibre rich pulp 
  • The Juice disc separates the pulp from the juice, making it ideal for traditional juices
  • The Smoothie disc is also ideal for making dips and gelatos 
  • Large 84mm wide feed chute - for juicing whole fruit and vegetables
  • Variable speed - 5 speed control helps maximise juice extraction
  • LCD sreen with juicing speed guide
  • Powerful 1300 watt
  • Extra large 3 litre pulp container
  • Large 1.2 litre juice jug with froth separator
  • Combining premium stainless steel and die cast for durability
  • Extra sharp juicing disc with titatinium reinforced cutting blades
  • Stainless steel smoothie disc and insert

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