Frequently Asked Questions

When should we set up our registry?

Can you give us invitation inserts?

How much do we have to pay for your service?

How many gifts should we put on our list?

Do purchased items disappear from our list?

Can we include an item on our list that is not on your website?

What if some of our guests can’t use the internet?

How do your prices compare with other stores?

What happens if an item that is split into shares is not completely bought?

Is there a limit to how long we can leave our credit with you?

When are the gifts delivered to us?

Will you give us a list of what was purchased for us and who purchased each item?

Can we exchange gifts that are bought for us?

Can we do a kitchen tea registry with you?

What happens if we receive a faulty item?

What happens if an item on our list becomes unavailable?

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