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Dream Coffee Machine - Black


Dream Coffee Machine - Black

Ascaso is a Spanish family company whose passion for coffee goes back over forty years. In 1962 Jesús Ascaso developed his first coffee maker for professional use and over the years since then he and his son, José Luis, have developed their extensive technical and professional knowledge to produce what they call "the ultimate espresso machine for coffee lovers".  The Dream Coffee Machine features:

  • 1.3 L water tank
  • Aluminium bodywork
  • 230V/120V
  • 900W power
  • 16 atm pump pressure
  • 100° boiler; 95° thermoblock
  • 140° steam thermostat plus safety thermofuse
  • Steam pipe protector / cappuccino/hot water pipe
  • Brass filterholder (Ř 58mm) / visual level
  • Coffee tamper (removable arm)
  • S-1 autoprime valve
  • Cup warmer


Size: 25L x 28W x 35H cm
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